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The Lodge of Tranquillity No. 42, UGL of NSW & ACT, Sydney Australia - October/November 1998

Well another Masonic year has passed and W.Bro. Michael Guray was elected as Worshipful Master for another year. With a successful year behind him Michael is set for the coming year with as much enthusiasm and dedication as in his first year. The new team for the year is from left to right, as follows:-

(back row) Bro. Rudi Freidman, Senior Deacon; W.Bro. Maurie Finkelstein, Inner Guard; Bro. Les Smith Treasurer, Bro. Peter Ryner, Senior Warden; W.Bro. Bill Anderson, Tyler;

(middle row) V.W.Bro. Neville Milston, Secretary; W.Bro. Michael Guray, Worshipful Master; Bro. Nigel Misson, our newly initiated Entered Apprentice Freemason; Bro. Richard Rosebery, Junior Deacon; Bro. Ken Winokur, Senior Warden;

(front row) W.Bro. Raymond Leonzini, IPM & Director of Ceremonies.



Weekend Afloat

Up and coming event is the weekend away in November and 6 brethren have signed on for a weekend on a 6 berth Houseboat on the Hawksberry River.

The boat will leave Brooklyn on Friday the 27th November and return on Sunday the 29th of November. Moore details at our November meeting.


Sick & Absent Brethren

At our October meeting V.W.Bro. Ben Rossen was back after a bout of the flu and it was also good to see Bro. Richard Rosebery is back after a successful shoulder reconstruction.

W.Bro. Jack Mockett just had some more of his Leopard spots removed, hope you are feeling better Jack.

To W.Bro. Andre Vermes who has not been enjoying the best of health up there in Port Maquarie, we all hope you are feeling better and hope you can come to Lodge next time you are in Sydney.