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SuperStats HTML Code

Your page ID is 00050342. Remember this and your password, you will need them to log back on to check your stats.

Here is the text you must put on your page to log accesses. To make this code easier to cut and paste onto your page, we've removed most of the graphics from this page. Note: Please do not break up these lines of code on your web page. You need to copy this code exactly as seen here or your SuperStats will not work correctly. If you cannot get the banner to show up correctly, please visit our FAQ.

<script language=JavaScript>
document.write('<a href="');
document.write('link.cgi?pageid=00050342" target="_top"><img ');
document.write('?pageid=00050342&ref='+document.referrer+'" ');
document.write('width=400 height=40 border=0></a><br>');
document.write('<a href="');
document.write('imagemap/images/"><img ismap src="http:');
document.write('//" alt="');
document.write('Superstats Web Stats on Demand" width=400 ');
document.write('height=17 border=0></a>');
// -->
width=400 height=40 border=0></a><br><a
<img ismap src=""
alt="Superstats Web Stats on Demand" width=400 height=17

You may place <center> </center> tags around the above code to center it on your page if you wish.

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